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The downtown renovation has begun!

The Mowery family was featured on NewsOn6.com a few nights ago in this great little clip talking a little about their history in downtown Owasso and what they have planned for the properties they own on Main. Enjoy!  NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - KOTV.com |

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11 Things To Do With Your Kids in Owasso This Spring Break

(YOwasso contributing writer Jenna Hall brings us this helpful list of things parents can do with their kids in Owasso this spring break) Spring Break is in full swing here in Owasso! Time to get out, enjoy the weather and make some memories with your kids. If you’ve ever spent spring break in town with your kids, you know that your list of 'fun things for the kids to do without breaking the bank' could start [...]

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YOwasso Visits Hapa Japanese Cuisine For Dinner!

We recently visited one of our favorite local restaurants -- Hapa Japanese Cuisine. Last October, a YOwasso reader had told us about Hapa, encouraging to give them a try. We did and we've been eating there pretty frequently ever since then. From the first visit, the staff left such a great impression on us that we simply can't stop raving about them. So we popped in for dinner, snapped a few pictures, and enjoyed some excellent [...]

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8 Time and Money Saving Tips for Putting Your House Up for Sale in Owasso, OK

(This awesome guide was written by The YOwasso Podcast host Jenna Hall. -Tyler) With Spring just around the corner, it's a matter of time before we’ll be seeing “for sale” signs in the front yards of many Owasso homes. Spring is statistically the time of year when the most homes are put on the market in the Owasso area. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top things you can [...]

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10 Owasso Facebook Pages You Should Be Following

In this day in age, is it any shock that one of the most major points of cultural connectivity in Owasso is Facebook? No -- no, it isn't. From Owasso Taxpayer Alliance to Owassoisms, Owasso actually has its fair share of interesting Facebook groups and pages that are worth following, and for a good amount of different reasons. Let's take a look at a few: Owasso Police Department If you aren't following this page, you're [...]

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Ep. 3 – Chad Gerstmeyer, Owner of Optimal Fitness – YOwasso.com Podcast

We stopped by Optimal Fitness today to talk with owner Chad Gerstmeyer about his business, why most New Years resolutions end up failing, and a handful of awesome pointers on sticking with a fitness plan. We really enjoyed chatting with Chad -- you can tell he's really enthusiastic about helping people. As you'll hear in our conversation, that same helpfulness seems to be one of the central themes of Optimal Fitness. You can follow Optimal Fitness on [...]

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11 Fun Ways To Get Fit Around Owasso!

(This week, YOwasso contributing writer Steve Reed brings us a bevy of awesome ways to trim weight and tone up in O-town!) Looking for gyms or fitness ideas in Owasso? As a kid growing up, I was never educated on the importance of proper diet and fitness - and this resulted in the chubby, overweight kid I was at the age of 13. The name-calling, self-loathing and frustration came to an end one summer when [...]

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Win a $25 gift certificate to Giant Subs!

We're giving away another $25 gift certificate to Giant Subs! ... and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below! If you haven't taken advantage of Giant Subs FREE fresh-baked cookie offer for YOwasso readers, you might want to hop on over here and take advantage of that promo code. Don't forget -- it expires on 1/27. In the meantime, go ahead and enter our drawing for a free $25 gift [...]

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Promo Code for FREE Fresh-Baked Cookie at Giant Subs!

Giant Subs isn't the best sandwich shop in Owasso. It's the best sandwich shop in the entire Tulsa Metro. That may sound like a bold claim, but I challenge anyone to eat at Giant Subs (located just one block west of 76th St N and Main), then tell me there's a better sandwich out there. And trust me -- we're well acquainted with Subway, Quiznos, Firehouse, Jersey Mike's, Planet Sub... you name it. They don't compare. What [...]

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Top 5 Burgers in Owasso

(YOwasso contributing writer Steve Reed brings us a mouth-watering round-up of Owasso's best burgers!) We've set out to find the best burger in Owasso, OK If American culture could be summed up by a single food item, most people would say it's the classic hamburger. Gaining popularity in the early 1900s, the name “hamburger” was dubbed from Hamburg steaks introduced to the US by German immigrants. Over the course of the hamburger’s reign, we've perfected many different (and tasty) [...]

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