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A few links to some friends of YOwasso:

Fish On Guide Service

With over thirty years of guiding experience, Fish On guide Dave Clark specializes in hybrid bass, striper, spoonbill, catfish, and sandbass fishing.

If you’re looking for the kind of outdoor fun that you can usually only have with your own boat and fishing gear, Fish On is a great option to consider.

Sunday & Edwards Group

If you’ve found yourself looking to move into Owasso but you’re stuck because of how competitive the real estate market is here, give this group a call.

With well over 100 years experience combined, you’ll find your advantage in the fact that you have — not one, but — five real estate professionals on your side, whether you’re buying or selling.

Hayes Custom Homes

Having built houses for hundreds of satisfied Owasso families, Hayes Custom Homes brings a level of quality, customization, and luxury to Owasso that isn’t easily matched.

If you’re kicking around the idea of building a new house, give Brian Hayes a call to see what he can do for you and your family. You’ll be surprised how far your money can go.

Reset Restoration

If you’ve recently found yourself scrambling to repair a water leakage/flooding or fire issue and you just don’t know where to start, do this:

Call Reset Restoration at 888-917-3738 to get your property back on the path to a speedy restoration.

Home damage is nothing to mess around with — leaky water tanks and plumbing can cause unseen problems like mold and rot, and must be dealt with quickly and professionally.